Hallux Angles
It is inteded to suplement - not replace conventional
techniques.  The target audience includes all those
practising forefoot surgery.
WG Healthcare and ockendon.net can accept no liability
for errors or omissions in this application.  Your use of
the application indicates your agreement with this.
You can choose to record measurements for either foot
by touching the Lt/Rt Control in the top left corner.
Separate data is stored for each side.
The Day and Date are automatically added, touch to add
an identifier.
Start by touching the angle which you would like to
measure.  The current version of Hallux goniometer
supports the Distal Metatarsal Articular Angle (DMMA),
The inter-phalangeal Angle (IPA) and the Hallux Valgus
Angle (The region to be measured is indicated in the top
Left of the screen.
Hallux Angles is a clinical measurement aid to assist in
the preop radiographic planning process for forefoot
Line up the green target line along the diaphysis of the
bone (Phalanges / Metatarsals) or with the lateral and
medial extents of the distal metatarsal articular surface.
The red target lines are to help guide the eye.
Touch the ‘Measure’ Icon to proceed.
The next segment to be measured will now be shown in
the top right corner.
In case of error, simply touch the ‘Restart’ button to go
back to the previous measurement.
For best results hold the iPhone parallel to the XR film or
workstation monitor.
Touching the Camera button will store a screenshot of  the measurement to the Photo ‘Camera-Roll’
on the phone for future reference.
The ‘Reset’ Button clears all the stored data.
You must always verify your findings using this application by taking conventional measurements prior
to undertaking any clinical treatment.
Find out more about WG Healthcare Ltd by touching the Butterfly button in the bottom right corner.
Hallux Angles
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